Stranded Critters Puzzle

A scoundrel has left the critters stranded and you have to help get them to safety by removing the blocks and guiding them to the platform below. By using logic and removing the blocks in the correct order, and using perfect timing, you can save all the critters. Double tap to remove each block and hopefully solve the puzzle.


Chronicle is a very simple note taking application that removes all unnecessary clutter and allows you to simply jot down information and find it easily, while still allowing you to organize. You can store notes within categories and search between them, or search all. Searching documents will usually cycle through the instances of the item being searched, Chronicle will filter out all the items that don't contain what your'e looking for, either in the title or the content.


SimplePasswords is a very simple menu bar app, which allows you to see and update your passwords at any time. Press the key icon in the menu bar and the list of your passwords will appear. Press the Plus button to add, press the Minus button to remove, and double click any field to edit it. Press the action icon in the lower right to see more options or quit the app. The action button will allow you to edit your passwords in a full window. Search by Account name, Username, Password, or by the contents of the notes that you assign.


Done! is a super simple task manager and ToDo organizer. You can see all your tasks, or those within a list. Easily create new lists and check-off items. Create new lists from the menu. Create new tasks by typing them into the box and pressing Return. Edit the task title by double-clicking. Delete tasks by selecting them and hitting Delete. Search within a specific list or within All Tasks.


SimpleMusic is a very simple controller for iTunes that lives in the menu bar. Play/pause tracks, next track, previous track. If nothing is selected inside iTunes, SimpleMusic will begin playing a track from your music library.


Incursions is a simple but enjoyable game where you try to destroy as many ships as possible without dying yourself. Surprisingly addictive.